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Advantages of PDC

For Economical, Efficient and Appropriate Liquefaction Countermeasure

The cost is about 1/7 and the work period is about 1/5 in comparison with the conventional investigation.*1,2
In addition to reduce geotechnical investigation costs, it is enables to reduce total costs of project because of narrowing down the area of soil improvement by additional PDC investigation.

Comparison between conventional investigation (only SPT) and proposal investigation (SPT & PDC)

Compact penetration device which can be used in compact work spaces

  1. In the conventional liquefaction investigation, we estimate liquefaction potential from checking the N value, fines content and groundwater level obtained from boring. In this case, the standard penetration test is performed at every 1m. And determing the soil classification and the fines content Fc from laboratory tests using samples taken in the standard penetration test.
  2. Depth 20m / Comparison in one investigation.
  3. Occupied area of general boring investigation is about 15m2, Occupied area of PDC is 6m2.